About AllState Forklift Training Center

Welcome to AllState Forklift Training Center!

Forklift Training

We are truly blessed to have the opportunity to introduce ourselves to you. Yes, we are AllState…and no…we don’t have any affiliation with the insurance guys. That said, if you’re looking for easy to learn and affordable OSHA compliant forklift training, to quickly earn your forklift certification, “you’re in good hands.”

At AllState Forklift Training Center, located in San Bernardino, CA, we are honored to help countless individuals not only receive their forklift certification, but also be a part of a new chapter in their life.

A forklift certification can be a stepping stone to a new career, higher income, and many other opportunities and we would love to be able to help set you up on a path for success.

In addition to training and certification, we are continuously partnering up with companies and agents to help students with job assistance.  

Additionally, if you are a company looking to train your staff, we would be happy to bring the training to you! Our on-site forklift training is designed to help companies train their employees on how to safely and properly operate a forklift, subsequently saving you from unnecessary accidents, repairs, and costs.

To learn more or if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Thank you again,
Allstate Forklift Training Center